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Java synchronization guide for your next interview…

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Through this article we are going to discuss atomic variables in java, why and where are they used, and how synchronized, volatile and atomic are different. Okay, okay don’t get confused, I’ve already covered synchronization and volatile in detail.

But before going ahead, you should know Race Condition, Critical Section…

Java Interview Questions

Classes and interfaces examples and concepts

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As you already have read the title of the article, this is one of the interesting interview questions you might be asked during your next interview. I find this question very interesting and we’ll be discussing it in this article.

The Question:

Let me ask this question by writing some sample codes…

Get Ready for Your Java Interviews

Everything you need to know for your next interview.

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In this article, we’ll go through two Java classes and their most frequently used sort() method. When and why we should use it. You can refer to this LIST for frequently asked JAVA + SQL interview questions

To sort an array or a list we can write our own logic…

Prepare for your next Java Interview.

Everything you need to know about LinkedHashMap in Java.

The red-black tree that is internally used for TreeMap

Learning collection classes are essential as they are heavily used while creating the real-world Application. There are a few important collection classes that I have already covered (HashMap, ConcurrentHashMap, TreeMap). This article is a continuation of that and we’ll deep dive into what, why, and how of the LinkedHashMap class.

What Is LinkedHashMap?

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